Tuesday, June 10, 2008

[[sOmEtHiNg tO tAlK AbOuT]]

Hey Hey You You... Haha.. Orite.. What am I gonna write today.. This happen for like over two years ago.. I have a Fren.. This Fren of mine has a problem that she taught already had past.. But its still haunting her till this day.. Well.. It's nothing actually.. She has an ex-boyfriend who was really sort of "love" her so much.. As if she was the the first Girl that he had his eyes on or something.. Kinda like a first love maybe.. Ya right..

They only became couples for 1 whole month.. My fren decided to break up with her so called "boyfriend".. Y? Erm.. I'm not sure.. Maybe she think that they better be frens and not 'lovers'.. Yuck! But all i know is that he is a real suckup! Haha.. He dated her so that he can show off his 'girlfren' to all his frens.. (Like.. Please! Por Favor!) Erm.. My fren felt really guilty when she broke up with him.. Because when they broke up, she didn't give that guy appropriate reason on why they have to break up.. Sounds like her fault.. But she think its best not to tell the reason.. She don't want him to 'trase' or 'kecik ati'.. The thing is.. She taught he was to fast with stuff.. He's like deadly serious about their relationship.. As if they have been couples for ten years or something.. Well.. Before they were dating.. They've only known each other for like a couple of months or so..
Do you think its appropriate to talk about the future when they've only known each other in a short period of time? For me & her.. NO! Ok.. Back to that story.. He was going to fast.. Bla.. Bla.. Bla.. & he always bugging her.. (That's what she told me) I know they're couples.. But everybody needs some space to be alone right? With him not.. Everything she do & everywhere she goes he wants to know.. 'Rimas' la.....
The point is.. After they broke up.. He was really frustrated with life.. As if this fren of mine is the only girl that he ever loved.. Duhh... (S0o0o0o lying) He said he would wait for her to take him back.. Bla.. Bla.. Bla.. U know how guys are like.. Saying sweetest things but they never mean it.. & I mean NEVER!
After a few months of 'Divorced'.. HaHa.. That guy was like spreading this so called rumours all over the college premises.. I don't think the whole college students knows but maybe only some.. HeHe.. Rumours spread to all his friends saying that my fren is a flirty.. Always flirt with any guy she sees & new boyfrens everyday.. What was that all about? Ah.. Typical guys.. First they say they love u, never ever forget about u & the next thing u know is he's spreading bad3 rumours about u.. Like he wants the whole world to know what a 'bitch' u are..
On my fren's defense, she's nothing like that.. Maybe she's a bit childish & kinda spoiled.. But she is juz making frens with everyone.. She's not a playgirl if u call it that.. She's juz a girl next door who is trying to fit in the new College life..
FYI.. That guy hates her till this very day.. He's so pissed off by her.. Because he was frustrated with her because he loves her so much?? Erm.. I don't think so.. I think its because he was so excited to have a cute (kunun) girlfren & at the end she dumps u for no reason & he was so ashamed (malu beb sebap memule tue bukan main bangge lagi dpt gf cam my fren tue pas tue kene rejek) with his frens that he couldn't show his face to the public.. Am I right? Damn I'm right..
The conclusion is.. Kalu org tue da tak suke da la.. Tak yah la nak ckp mcm2.. Kutuk mcm2.. Sedar diri la.. Just let it be la.. Lagipon bnd da lepas lame daa.. Lupekan je la.. Betul tak sahabatku?? HaHa.. Cube la berbaik semule.. Gado2.. Benci2 org dapat ape?? HuHu.. Kalu time berkawan dulu bukan main lg.. Syg la.. Nak jage la.. Adoi.. Manusia2..


Miza Bizkiut said...

Waaah, so shi-it la laki tu.. "Spe eh Miza? Yg mne 1 eh? Ooo yg tu eh. Tp yg mne ha? Sy lpe la. Bla3" Bitch la laki tu. Hoho..

Pinky Pirate said...

mmg tak gune..
dulu bukan main syg gile2..
skg main kutuk2..

Miza Bizkiut said...

Dh la suke pki bj wane UNGU cair! Yek. Sooo GAY la! Ungu ketat² pule. Ish buta mata la. Bdn cm alat muzik yg sering diketuk², ade hati pki bj fit². Lu bajet jambu ke woi?! Haha..